Professional Composition and Sound Design since 1994


Professional Composition and Sound Design since 1994

Birmingham, UK

TV // Live Theatre & Multimedia Events // Radio // Advertising // 

Corporate Presentations // Film // Video games


Click here to listen to my music

All of the composing, arranging, performing and recording is done in my own private studio. In the last 20 years, I have provided music and general sound design for productions all over the world – USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Panama, Ireland, and mainland Europe.

Chameleon Music is a full member of the PRS for Music (Performing Rights Society).

Recent clients include:

• Nocturnal Works – ‘Eleusis’… a 3d first-person adventure game

• RTE (Irish National TV and Radio) – Ident / Jingle

• Chevrolet Malibu / MSN -online advert.

• Fifteen (festival of short plays from some of the UK’s most exciting artists and playwrights).

• Bally Technologies – Pirate themed casino game

• Castrol UK – ReMix of their classic jingle.

• PBS (US TV Network) – ident / jingle

• -  underscore

• BBC World Service – documentary

• Yvette Mahon, Burma Campaign UK – Ident / Jingle

• Catalyst Design on behalf of TV’s interior designer Tess O’Hara – Ident / Jingle

• Novelist Maria Isabel Pita – Underscore for Promotional Video

I recently had the dubious honour of having one of my tracks beamed into space from the Goonhilly satellite earth station in Cornwall, UK…took just 5 hours to go beyond the solar system and is now well into deep space. If aliens do finally arrive and they look angry, you now know who’s probably to blame!

Message to…music on Mars…that’s nothing…I’m way ahead of you! :0)


If you would like to contact me about music / sound design for a project:



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