Hideaway Studio Proudly Presents: Chromatix

The original Rhodes Chroma

Hideaway Studio Proudly Presents: Chromatix.

Kontakt 4.2.4 and above – A superb set of samples based on the restoration of a Rhodes Chroma from 1983!

Bought this last week -well into double figures with my Hideaway sound sets now and this is right up there with the best of them!

I’ve never actually got my hands near a Rhodes Chroma, but I have had the privilege of hearing one in concert on a couple of occasions and this sample set captures the warm, powerful sound very well indeed.

What I’ve always particularly liked about the original Chroma’s sound is its potential for complexity and movement – that layering system! Dan has captured this aspect perfectly -as always, the GUI is superb – simple and intuitive, with the layers feature adding lots of options for experimenting and creating your own sounds.

Already using some of the sounds in a new piece and starting to create my own patches!

Favourite presets so far:

A New Order – big, bold sound.
Cryofluxer – the movement amongst those layers
Montreal Horns – already using this one in a fanfare
Edge Strings – nice intimate ‘chamber’ feel
Galaxy Horns – huge, warm sound
Majestic Strings – title says it all
Massiva – excellent swirling pad
Sample Hold Organ – just a great sound that grabs you straight away.

Highly recommended.

Have a listen:

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