LEAR ALONE by Frank Bramwell

LEAR ALONE by playwright, Frank Bramwell.


28th & 30th July – St Paul’s Church, Jewellery Quarter

29th & 31st July – Old Joint Stock Theatre

A thought-provoking reworking of the original play by Edinburgh Fringe award-winning Playwright Frank Bramwell, using the words of William Shakespeare.

Was Shakespeare right to kill off King Lear at the end of his play?

This fascinating play takes us along Lear’s journey following the news of Cordelia’s death, allowing us to re-examine the original play’s themes and insights, from a completely different angle. This is Frank Bramwell’s fifth sequel to Shakespeare’s plays.

The previous four have delighted audiences with the boldness of their approach and the dexterity of touch. Romeo & Juliet for All Time won an award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a play ‘that stood head and shoulders above other plays reviewed.’

Original music for the play composed, arranged, performed and produced by Mark Taylor:


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